Creating Structured Improvement Journeys
Workshops to support your journey towards operational excellence


We offer a variety of standard or custom workshops to support your journey towards excellence. Sessions are practical, interactive, and equip you with relevant tools to make a difference to the change effort. We keep groups small enough for individual attention, but large enough to stimulate healthy debates. Browse through the standard workshops below and contact us should you require additional information.

Purpose   Process   People   Problem Solving   Planet
5 days
Conduct a Business Diagnostic
Enquire Conduct a Business Diagnostic
3 days
Develop the Change Plan
Enquire Develop the Change Plan
2 days
Deploy the Improvement Strategy
Enquire Deploy the Improvement Strategy
2 days
Introduction to Operational Excellence
Enquire Introduction to Operational Excellence
3 days
Value Stream Mapping
Enquire Value Stream Mapping
1 day
Standard Work
Enquire Standard Work: The Launch Pad to Improvement information
2 days
Create a Visually-Managed Workplace
Enquire Create a Visually Managed Workplace information
2 days
Exposing Opportunity through 5S
Enquire Exposing Opportunity through 5S information
2 days
Progressing from
"Push" to "Pull"
Enquire Progressing from Push to Pull information
3 days
Quick Changeover Techniques
Enquire Quick Changeover Techniques for Improved Flexibility information
2 days
Execution Excellence
Enquire Execution Excellence: A Culture of Delivering to Plan information
2 days
Critical Skills for the Change Agent
Enquire Critical Skills for the Change Agent information
2 days
Leadership for Operational Excellence
Enquire Leadership for Operational Excellence
2 days
Creating a Culture for Excellence
Enquire Creating a Culture for Excellence
3 days
Problem Solving Excellence
Enquire Problem Solving Excellence information
2 days
A3 Thinking
Enquire A3 Thinking: Collaborative Problem Solving information
2 days
The Kaizen Blitz Approach
Enquire The Kaizen Blitz Approach information
2 days
Creating a Problem Solving Culture
Enquire Creating a Problem Solving Culture information
3 days
Green Value Stream Mapping
Enquire Green Value Stream Mapping information

Do you require a workshop not listed above?

We welcome requests for customisation and can assist you at your own site, in a way that works for you. Enquire here.

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